Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're Pleased to Announce: Nemesis Tattoo Raffle

What would Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade be without the promise of art you can wear on your skin forever and ever? Did your interest just peak? Of course it did. tattoooooo<3<3: for you?

I want to take an opportunity to give some mad props to Nemesis Tattoo for making a generous donation to our little shin-dig on the 21st. There are few things better than art, unless it's permanent art that you take everywhere you go. We're super excited to announce that we'll be giving away a secret number of gift certificates to Nemesis.

If you wanna win some ink from the talented and super lovely folks at Nemesis, you gotta show up to the event on Saturday, May 21st and buy a raffle ticket. :) Tickets will be $5 each and all money will go back into making this and future Carnival Hearts and Arts Parade events happen.

*You must be present to win - so bring a friend, a picnic blanket, some samiches and stick with us for the long haul... ;)

Also check out some photos I took at Nemesis: such a rad shop....


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